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Hi! Bobby Hernandez here (I'm the guy in white above), Co-Owner with my father (to my right), of Hernandez Martial Arts in Union City, CA. for the last 39 Years! 


Over these 39 Years, thousands of parents just like you have enrolled their children into our Karate Classes to help teach them some Self-Defense Strategies and help create better versions of their children (what parent doesn't want a better version of their child?) and they are still enrolling like never before during this Covid Epidemic. 

"With schools starting the year off with On-line learning, we're offering our New Student Beginner Course Online which 

will provide your child with all the benefits of recess play and P.E. to keep them moving, sweating and smiling while teaching them self-defense skills, focus, responsibility, confidence, respect and so much more."


We've been innovating during this Covid Epidemic to bring you a One Of A Kind, Fun and Simple Activity into your home to teach your child how to be Healthy, Learn Good Manners and use POWERFUL Life-Skills all with our "Online, Beginner Karate Classes for Kids" where we Exercise, Stretch, Condition and Teach Kids the Basics of Karate in a Fun, Encouraging and Confident Building Environment.... All in the safety of your own home. 

There is NO fancy karate stuff going on here so ANY kid can do it. No partners or equipment needed for this beginner class other than an internet connection, a 4 x 4 or larger area and you can participate on ANY device.



I'm sure you are aware that Karate teaches kids valuable Self-Defense Skills and Strategies to keep them safe and sound.


But, did you know Karate is the #1 activity to help develop a child's Character and Values to help at home and school?


Character Development is a set of traits that are key for everything a child does and the key to how a child acts such as Respect, Focus, Confidence, Responsibility, Self-Discipline and when your child learns these traits:


  • Their Grades will improve.

  • They will be more Respectful, Positive and Outgoing.

  • They will build Confidence to believe in themselves and unleash Hidden Potential.

  • They will learn how to stand up to unhealthy Peer Pressure.

  • They will develop a deeper sense of Focus, Concentration and Self-Control.

  • They will learn to use Common Sense before Self-Defense.


At Hernandez Martial Arts, your child will learn so much more than just punching and kicking.



Along with the Martial Arts Training, we have built in a Strong Children’s Personal Development, Life Skills and Values Curriculum into our classes.


This is an educational process that significantly enhances the achievements of the participant, building the child from the inside out.


We’ll do this by using our coveted 3 Step Process to get them doing, believing and achieving.


And, if you need help with school, no problem, just let us know…. We have you covered.

It's like your child will have there very own Success Coaches!



OUR CLASSES have been specifically designed to be a bridge, helping parents to teach their kids all the good stuff parents want their kids to have focusing on:

PRE-LEARNING SKILLS: These are the skills needed to excel in school such as Focus, Concentration, Self-Control and Responsibility. These are the core issues when kids have trouble in school and at home.

HEALTH & FITNESS: Our Karate Classes are a total body, fun workout focusing on upper body and limbs, core body, lower body, cardio vascular and healthy eating strategies.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: These are the internal attributes that help us to succeed in all that we do and skyrocket past others such as Confidence, Self-Discipline, Self-Esteem and Perseverance.

PERSONAL PROTECTION: We teach our student to use their common sense before their self-defense by utilizing self-defense strategies, psychological strategies (yes, we teach kids this too) and physical strategies to keep them safe in the most unwanted situations.



"Online Martial Arts?  In-Person Martial Arts. Yep - they do both really well. I have a decent amount of experience in the martial arts and took my time choosing a place to send my kids. Their focus is on personal development, physical fitness, along with learning the art.  The owner and instructors are incredibly kid-savvy and educationally aware.  They have fine-tuned their junior curriculum to help each kid progress at a personal rate.  If you are looking for a safe at-home program for kids to keep them active, this is it. Of course, I can't wait until they open back up for in-person, because it's even better."



All new students start out in a Fun and Inspiring Class where during the 2 Week Trial, our AMAZING Instructors are going to simply introduce your child to the Martial Arts, with step by step instructions, teaching various:


  • Blocks and Strikes

  • Kicks and Stances

  • Fitness, Stretching & Conditioning

  • Self-Defense 


We call these the "ABC's and 1, 2, 3's" of Karate because they are the pure "basics" of Karate.


We'll start to teach your child Self-Defense Strategies as we like to teach kids how NOT to fight before we teach them how to defend themselves.


Then, we'll work with your child on the other benefits of our Karate Program such as Respect, Focus, Self-Discipline and Perseverance, we'll build their Character, Confidence and Self-Esteem while emphasizing important life skills such as creating good habits and goal setting.


It's really a Life Transforming, Fun Kid's Activity.... NOW in the comfort of your own home!



  • Vigorous Exercise, Friendship & FUN!

  • Increased Focus

  • Developed Confidence

  • Respect for Self and Others

  • Goal Setting and Leadership Skills

  • Strength, Flexibility and Weight Control

  • And So.... Much.... More!


To learn more about Class Days & Times or to get started with a Trial, fill out the form below and one of our courteous staff members will contact you shorty to provide you all the information you'll need and to answer any questions you may have.



You may be wondering "What's the Catch?" There is no catch. I know that after you see what we really teach kids and how much your child will enjoy classes that you won't want to leave while you watch your child climb the success ladder and get what you want... a better behaved child that is Happy, Focused, Confident, Respectful, Disciplined, with a High Level of Self-Esteem that can manage unwanted situation and acts good at home and does even better in school.


Then, we hope you tell someone else about us, just like the 1,000's of parents who came before you... all because we let you try us so you can "test the goods."

Don't delay! There is limited space in our virtual classrooms and once they fill, we'll be going back to a waiting list.


If for any reason, at the end of your Trial, you decide that you don't LOVE Hernandez Martial Arts Online Beginner Classes for Kids as much as all the families who have been enrolled before you, just let us know and we'll refund your money.... That's It! There are NO obligations.

You can ONLY become a member if you LOVE it!



Fill out the form below to get information about Hernandez Martial Beginner Classes for Kids including the Character Trait, Life Skills and Personal Values Coaching. One of our courteous staff members will contact you to give you available class days and times, answer any questions you may have and can get you started.

Do it NOW as Virtual Class sizes are limited!



Are classes safe / will my child get hurt?

We take our children's safety VERY seriously. From high-quality padded flooring to foam safety equipment and props to step by step, thought-out instructions. When our kids miss class, it's usually because they got injured in other sports, not karate. We take pride in saying that kid's karate injuries in our classes are very rare, happen way less often and definitely way less severe than other sports and activities.

Will my child have fun?

Absolutely! After all, these are kids we're talking about here and we know kids learn best in a structured, positive and fun environment. We do a vast variety of game drills and activities that will leave kids sweating, smiling and laughing. We'll work hard, but we like to have fun while doing it.

Aren't the martial arts violent?

No! Not all Martial Arts are violent. There is a difference between Self-"Defense" and Self-"Offense." In Self-Defense, there is a philosophy of peace, respect and harmony at it's core while adhering to diplomacy first strategies to de-escalate unwanted situations before ever escalating to a prompted, physical response. In all honesty, your child will NOT become a UFC fighter here but... they WILL be prepared to "defend" themselves.

When are the classes and what times?

All our kids start out attending classes two times a week. Beginner classes are scheduled in the late afternoon after school as well as classes in the early evening after you get home from work. We have various classes everyday, Monday through Thursday and special events for our kid students on Fridays such as Dodgeball / Pizza Nights, Foam Weapons / Pizza Parties, Movie Night / Popcorn & Pizza Social, and so much more! Class schedules can be found in the HMA App.

My child has a lot of energy, will this make him overly aggressive?

Actually, at Hernandez Martial Arts, it's quite the opposite. Overly energetic children learn the focus and self-control to combat impulsive behaviors while giving the child a positive outlet to release all that excessive energy.

Is it true your martial arts program helps kids in school?

Yes! Absolutely! Our program focuses on teaching kids their "Pre-Learning Skills" such as the focus and concentration to pay attention, responsibility and self-discipline to complete and turn in homework and the respect and self-control to be a role model in their classroom while we build their confidence and perseverance to believe in themself and have that never give up, fighting spirit.

How old does my child have to be to start martial arts classes?

Children develop at different speeds so we start our children when they are 4 years old.

Can my child take classes if he's not in good shape, not very athletic or has no experience?

Yes! Martial Arts is a great way to get in shape and improve overall health, no matter what the starting point is. Our personalized curriculum allows kids to progress at their own pace, making our program ideal for people of all ages and skill levels.

My child has never been good at / or like other sports, why is this different?

Every child has what it takes to be good in the martial arts because the martial arts is not a sport, children aren't trying to beat or compare themselves with anyone else. The character development aspects of the martial arts is just as important, if not more important than the physical aspects. We build children from the inside out with character, values, life skills, physical fitness and overall health and well being.

How long have you been in business?

Hernandez Martial Arts was founded in Union City, CA. in 1980. HMA has been in its current location since 1987.

I don't see my question listed here?

If you have a question that is not addressed here please contact one of our friendly staff members at info@hernandezkarate.com or call us at (510) 487-3790.