***3 DAYS ONLY!***

This Labor Day, we're here to work for you! 

There's no better time to get your child back on the fast track for a successful school year then... NOW!

Did you know our kids martial arts classes are scientifically proven to provide kids with all the tools for success this school year? While helping to eliminate "your" frustrations, stresses and anxieties that may come with it.

 Martial Arts is an EXCELLENT way for kids to learn:


- Respect for parents, teachers, siblings and peers.

- Amazing Focus and Concentration for better learning. 

- Bully Prevention to out-smart aggressive children.

- Self-Discipline and Self-Control for better conduct at home and school. 

- Confidence and Self-Esteem for better grades.

- Responsibility to complete homework and chores.

- And SO much more!

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With that many life-changing benefits, you'd think that classes would cost a fortune... and they probably do at other martial arts schools...

But, not at our school!

Our classes are high quality and affordable... with priceless benefits! We like to call it "Affordable Excellence."


We want to pay it forward this Labor Day with a DEEP DISCOUNT...  

1 MONTH TRIAL FOR ONLY $1.00! PLUS...  A FREE UNIFORM! (Reg. $39.00)




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Have you tried everything to get your child to pay attention, be disciplined, show some respect or get better grades in school?


Are you ready to give your child some powerful tools for success and unleash that giant within them? 

We're ready to give those tools so get ready to see some MASSIVE change in your child's life with our Award Winning Kid's Martial Arts Training.


Here's the Best Deal EVER.... and it's 100% RISK FREE!

1 MONTH TRIAL for ONLY $1.00! (Reg. $39.00)


- 1 Month of Fun, Life-Changing Classes

- FREE Uniform to first 20 Children

- Gives your child Focus, Confidence, Discipline & a whole lot more!!

Just enter promo code: LABORDAY18

click to get started now for $1.00 

Our kid’s karate classes have it all and were designed by a Black Belt Parent for Parents! They're fun, life changing, a positive activity and a safe way for kids to learn good manners and powerful life skills.

Please, don't expect to see a change in your child if you don't make one first.

Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.


You and your child will be glad you did :) 





1) Fill out the information below to get started.

2) One of our courteous team members will contact you shortly to:

- Answer any questions you may have

- Go over the available class times


- Schedule Introductory Appointment 




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